Gentleman, Scholar, and Punk Poet. I giveth ye my soul in writing, so thou in reading thy intellect to wisdom boldly be plighting.

Six Highly-Revered Film Adaptations of My Favorite Books

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Most movie adaptations may not be as good as their source material but we can definitely agree that some of them are better than others. For us movie-book lovers, adaptations are an intriguing thing because there are many different inquiries we often have towards them: Is the movie adaptation a…

The Disconcerting Rise of Neo-Stalinism in Modern Russia

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“Death solves all problems — no man, no problem.”

So was the motto of one of history’s most volatile dictators, its words echoing the dark pragmatic mind of Soviet premier Joseph Stalin, a mind which was instrumental in the extermination of up to 20 million people during his nearly thirty-year rule over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)…

W.A. Hayes

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